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Rue La La

Rue La La
Saturday 19, 2011

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01 Oct 20:38

Christmas is a great time of year but can also be very stressful for many of us. Over the years in reragds to gifts giving my family has tried many strategies. One I happened to like is having all the kids (cousins) draw names and then take part in the shoping for the cousin they picked with a set limit. It seemed to get the kids excited and gave them a little responsibility as well.One way I like to save money is using my credit card points to purchase gifts. Rewards points from RBC add up quickly and it almost feels like a free gift for someone. Another way to save money is by going by the value of a gift not just the cost. Purchasing something on sale doesn’t mean you should get another gift to add up to your limit.Lastely, to avoid hard feelings discuss with your family the christmas gift giving game plan. Know who is buying for you and your kids and who you will buy for.Kellie

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